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Canadian youth interested in going to Belgium under the working holiday programme are invited to consult the pages of the Consulate-General of Belgium in Montreal, which is in charge of the programme.

Canadian youth interested in going to a European country other than Belgium under the working holiday programme, should check out the the Youth on the Move site, where the different possibilities are compiled.

European youth interested in going to Canada for a working holiday should visit the section "Coming to Canada?" on the Youth on the Move site.

Insure yourself before you leave

The Canada Belgium Working Holiday Program agreement specifies that you must have all-risk insurance, including occupational accident coverage, for the period you are authorized to stay in Canada and have proof of health care insurance, including hospitalization and return home coverage.

Medical and hospitalization costs in Canada can be particularly high for non-residents.

Consult your insurance company or travel agency for information. Make sure that your current insurance or the policy which you are offered meets the requirements mentioned above. You may be able to extend your current insurance by paying an extra premium.

The Embassy does not provide a list of providers of insurance, but most providers offer a plan for travel abroad. Costs and types of coverage may vary considerably from one provider to another; you may wish to consult several before making a decision. Before taking out the insurance, make sure that the policy:

  • covers all risks, including occupational accidents, health care, hospitalization and return home
  • is valid for all of Canada (the policy should specify North America, Canada/USA or worlwide)
  • is valid for the true dates and entire duration of your stay in Canada.

It is possible to combine several insurance policies, for instance one for occupational accidents, for health care and hospitalisation and one for repatriation.

Please note that you must be able to provide proof that you are insured to the immigration authorities when you enter Canada.

You are strongly advised to wait until your application has been accepted by the Embassy of Canada in Paris before taking out the insurance.